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The Going Solo Story- How 2020 Changed My Life

Updated: Apr 26

Oh, 2020... What high hopes I had for you and what a shit show you turned out to be! I remember my phrase of the year for 2020 was stolen from Lizzo: "Boss up!" After a rough 2019 marked by my first heartbreak in years from M, I rolled into 2020 hopeful and determined. I had a successful full-time career working for a company I loved, 2 part-time gigs teaching yoga and reselling online, a supportive tribe of good friends, and a big, crazy, loving family.

Life Before COVID

By February, my son still considered themselves a male and was in 10th grade at Boise High. I was finally moving on from M and was committing to positive activities to truly own the new decade. I had finally organized a softball team for the spring league for my local hangout, Capital Bar, put a deposit down for a yoga retreat in India for the fall, bought tickets for various concerts and music festivals, and was about to join a lady's golf league. Life was good and predictable.

Wait... What???

Queue March 2020... Of all the random things I worried about (nuclear war, plane crashes, cancer, 4 more years of the Trumpster), a worldwide pandemic wasn't even a blip on my anxiety radar. We all lived through the lack of toilet paper, the challenge of homeschooling our children while trying to work from home, the mandatory quarantine, the new mask culture, the Facetime visits with loved ones, the fake news, fear, and a country divided, so I will just skip over recounting the trauma we all collectively felt in one way or another. Instead, I will share my top 10 memes from 2020.

Top Memes of 2020

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