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Oh Koh Lanta- The Ultimate Solo Travel Tips for Koh Lanta Thailand

Koh Lanta is one of the most mysterious islands in Thailand. After a challenging arrival, Koh Lanta became a game changer in my travel journey. Here are some of the highlights of my adventure and the best Koh Lanta Solo Travel Tips.

Koh Lanta Accommodation- Lanta Corner Resort

Lanta Corner Resort is a hidden slice of heaven on the main road in Koh Lanta. It was somewhat expensive for Thai standards (around $34 a night) but oh so worth it!

I booked a Seafront Villa that was directly on the beach with amazing sunset views from my bed. To my delight, the private beach is covered in hermit crabs and there is an adorable resident dog who I fell in love with immediately.

The staff at Lanta Corner Resort is very friendly and helped me rent a motorbike that was delivered directly to me at the resort. At the time, there was no restaurant open on-site, but they did provide a nice breakfast buffet.

The grounds at Lanta Corner Resort are impeccably well kept with a beautiful pool and plenty of areas to chill comfortably. I highly recommend Lanta Corner Resort which can be booked off of Agoda.

Koh Lanta Scuba Diving

Palm Beach Divers is hands down one of the best dive schools in Koh Lanta. The owners, Iwona and Wlodek are very kind, knowledgeable divers and helped me out tremendously during my solo travel adventures in Koh Lanta.

I had a blast doing my Advanced Dive Certificate with Iwona. With one on one attention, she helped me learn to control my buoyancy and made some challenging dive situations very fun!

Koh Haa Lagoon (Five Island) is located about an hour and a half boat ride from Koh Lanta and is well worth the trip. For more information about this stunning dive site, visit Palm Beach Divers.

Koh Lanta Motorbike Trips

Koh Lanta has 2 main roads and is a wonderful island to explore by motorbike. There are so many beaches, caves and waterfalls to explore and a lot of monkeys!

The west side of the island ends in Mu Ko Lanta National Park. You can take a hike through the jungle and then cool off in the crystal clear ocean. Learn from my mistake and wear appropriate shoes for the hiking part, not flip-flops.

Koh Lanta Old Town is a must-see visit on the east side of the island. Cute and quaint, the town has delicious Thai restaurants overlooking the ocean. Be sure to stop in Malee Malee shop for some coffee and browse their amazing handmade gifts and original design screen printed tees.

If you are feeling especially adventurous, head south from Old Town to Pirate Beach and check out Pirasta Resort. It is the last stop on the road and very awesome. The resort was abandoned when I visited but the owner was gracious enough to give me a tour. Each accommodation is made out of a Thai-style boat. It's one of those places where you get an out-of-this-world vibe and I will definitely be back to check it out next time I visit Koh Lanta.

Koh Lanta Social Life

There are many incredible places to meet fellow travelers in Koh Lanta. A few of my favorites are Lanta Yoga, Fruit Tree Lodge & Coffee Shop and Lanta Cinema.

Lanta Cinema has a mix of new release movies, as well as some classics... all outside on the big screen! When I was there the new James Bond movie was playing and there was a fundraiser for the Lanta Animal Welfare shelter. How cool to have a few cold ones, watch a movie and hang out with a ton of adorable dogs and cats up for adoption? I was in heaven!

Lanta Animal Welfare is a non-profit charity all about all the animals and a great place to volunteer. It's also a great place to meet other socially conscious solo travelers. Check out their volunteer program at Lanta Animal Welfare.

Koh Lanta Day Excursions

Without a doubt, one of the most exhilarating places I have been in all of Thailand is the Emerald Cave. It is part of a 4 island excursion with a tour company, but you can also rent a long-tail boat with friends, which is a lot more fun.

All of the islands around Koh Lanta are a bit magical, but the Emerald Cave is just wow! You swim through a dark cave for about 500 feet and emerge in this pristine area with white sand, and emerald blue-green waters surrounded by jungle and limestone cliffs.

The feeling you get on the island of the Emerald Cave is almost indescribable. There are zero animals, including no spiders or mosquitoes, but the flora and fauna and the air are just so fresh and pure.

Most likely there will be a ton of tourists on the island, but it is possible to find your own secluded spot and imagine pirates hiding their treasures here hundreds of years ago.

Oh Koh Lanta

If you are considering a trip to Koh Lanta, my advice is DO IT! Koh Lanta is my 3rd favorite island so far in Thailand and there are many wonderful friends to meet and adventures to be had here.

Feel free to reach out to me about Koh Lanta or any other questions you may have about solo travel to Thailand at I am more than happy to help!


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